Тechnological Solutions

Technologists in our team are researchers and application specialists, who develop technological projects for optimization, management and control of processes in all steps of the activity.

Preparation of production programs

The company’s technologists develop production programs and product lists. By preparing production programs and product lists for our customers, we aim to achieve maximum utilization of the production capacity of the particular company, balancing it with its needs  – we bind the maximum amount of sales with the company’s ability to produce and market it.

Finance plan

The company’s financiers analyze the economic efficiency of the activity and prepare a business plan for the project. They explore and offer the appropriate tools and opportunities for financing the activity, according to the need of financial resources and the directions in which they will be used. We offer opportunities to optimize the timeframes for returning the invested funds, the amount of expected income and its distribution.

Project management and business audit

In project management, our team finds a way to effectively achieve customer goals. Our experts are proven specialists in process management, project reporting and performance control in accordance with established tasks, deadlines, scope, budget, quality.